July Soft Geysir – Take the Search Stress Out Like a Cat Does ...

July Soft Geysir – Take the Search Stress Out Like a Cat Does ...

Dear computer and data user,

I know you're wondering sometimes, especially during extremely busy days how you can improve your search experience and find instantly the file you need.

I know you're wondering sometimes, what you can do to avoid the need to bother any colleague with a lot of questions about where the data is, or to ask the network admin where is an email, or to avoid the time lost to re-create certain documents you simply don't find!

Just ask yourself: are you really satisfied how quick you find any type of electronic data inside the company?

Maybe not ... Today you have a new product Geysir able to find within seconds your data. Indeed there is a product like this and there is no exaggeration!

You find hard to believe, but it's true: using Geysir you can find within 1 second everything you are searching in an index of 800 GB data files!

Convince yourself in the following ways:

      1. Geysir FREE – use for free a limited version of Geysir

      2. Skype Geysir Demo: request a free live demo of Geysir by Skype

      3. Geysir TRIAL: request the Trial kit to test Geysir for free for 7 days

by sending us an email cu julysoft@runbox.com and give a chance to Geysir product.

You have nothing to lose, by contrary you will find the solution to take the company data search stress out simple as a cat does...

Change your search experience with us and try Geysir,

July Soft Team – www.julysoft.net

Responsibility. Integrity. Passion. Pet lovers.

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